Bpw / Original parts for BPW axles

BPW Bergische Achsen is a German manufacturer of axles and related components based in Wiehl. BPW is exporting its parts to 82 countries across Europe and Asia. BPW is one of the most popular brand in the world of transportation primarily for its innovative ideas.

BPW is the main driving force in the world of commercial vehicles with 100-year tradition in production. Every original part has been developed, designed and tested to the highest quality and security policies. BPW is currently selling over 12 million axles per year and has over 4,500 employees. Over 50% of all trailers and semi-trailers in Western Europe are fitted with BPW axles.

Highlights from our BPW range:

  • Complete axles, slack adjusters
  • Brake camshafts, springs
  • Brake shoes, wheel hubs
  • Brake calipers, brake calipers repair kits
  • Wheel bearing kits, grease for bearings
  • Brake cylinders, dust covers, hub caps
  • Shock absorbers, air springs, rubber bushes
  • Brake pads, brake linings, brake drums, brake discs
  • Camshafts bearing assembly, seal rings
  • Wheel bolts, wheel nuts, sensors, etc.

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Highlights from our offer: