Contitech / Air springs

ContiTech is a specialist for rubber and plastics technology with production in 18 countries and headquarters  in Hannover, Germany.

The main aim of the research, development and production of ContiTech lies in the responsibility for the growth of the company’s value, but also for maintaining and improving the living conditions of all of us.

With environmentally friendly products, ContiTech boasts a long and successful history. Way back in 1955, ContiTech was the first company in Europe that began with the development and production of air springs.

Their original goal was to develop a product that will alleviate the constant vibration that occurs during driving, which will be softer and more elastic than spring.

Today, Continental ContiTech boasts the fact that they are the largest European OE supplier of air springs for commercial vehicles.

Auto Fista in its cargo program offers ContiTech air springs for trucks, buses and trailers. Meeting the demand of different market requests, we offer over 200 different types of air springs.

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