Errevi / Spare parts for ROR and SMB (FRUEHAUF) axles

Errevi is an Italian manufacturer of brake parts with headquarters in Torino.

In it’s production line that is longer than 35 years, Errevi offers a solid quality, reasonable prices and various brake parts. Over the years Errevi has been an industry leader, gaining earned reputation in the industrial vehicle parts aftermarket for product quality and personal service.

Also, in their production is a wide range of spare parts for trucks and trailers – over 6,000.

Among many Errevi products,  Auto Fista offers a complete range of parts for ROR and SMB (FRUEHAUF) axles.

Highlights from our Errevi range:

  • Slack adjusters, springs
  • Brake camshafts, brake hubs
  • Brake shoes, wheel bearing kits
  • Brake cylinders, dust covers, hub caps
  • Brake pads, brake linings, brake drums, brake discs
  • Camshafts bearing assembly, seal rings
  • Wheel bolts, wheel nuts, sensors, etc.

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Highlights from our offer: