Valeo / Clutch Kits, wiper blades, light bulbs

Valeo is the world’s largest OE manufacturer of clutches and wiper blades.

Valeo’s unquestionable quality product is confirmed by the fact that every second car in Europe and every third in the world uses in it’s production the Valeo clutch. The headquarters of Valeo are located in Paris (France) but Valeo is present throughout the world, namely 27 countries. Group of 57,300 employees carry their innovations and research in 110 production places, 21 research centers, 40 development centers and 10 distribution platforms.

The world is classified as one of the largest independent manufacturers of spare parts and equipment for motor vehicles. One of the main features of this world-renowned companies are certainly innovate, quality and reliability.

At Auto Fista you can find almost all products from Valeo range in wiper blades and clutches for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Highlights from our Valeo range:

  • Clutch discs
  • Clutch pressure plates
  • Clutch releasers
  • Flywheels
  • Clutch kits
  • Light bulbs (12V)
  • Wiper blades (compact, silencio, x-trm, revolution, tir), etc.

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Highlights from our offer: