Wabco / Brake systems

WABCO is the world’s largest brake systems  manufacturer based in Hannover, Germany.

With a tradition longer than 140 years, Wabco has established the role of market leader in pneumatic and electronic systems in commercial vehicles. Wabco occupies an important place in research, development and production of electronically controlled braking systems, stability, suspension and transmission of all vehicles.

According to the wishes of its new owner, Wabco has devoted its full research, development and production potentials to its commercial vehicle section. A wide variety of security systems and components guarantees traffic safety for all vehicles.

Highlights from our Wabco range:

  • Compressors and compressor parts
  • Air dryers, ABS and EBS valves
  • Brake cylinders, membrane cylinders
  • Parking brake valves, brake pressure regulators
  • Calipers, calipers repair kits
  • Four circuit protective valves, membranes, sensors
  • Electronics: ABS / ASR, EBS, TEBS, ECAS
  • Clutch servos, shock absorbers etc.

More information on www.wabco-auto.com


Highlights from our offer: